Youth Dance

Acro [AGES 6-10] 1 hour class

In this class dancers will strengthen their core, arms and improve their overall flexibility.  They will learn a set of tricks on mats with a qualified spotter who, during execution, will emphasize the importance of safety and proper placement.  For competition teams, this is included in “unlimited” tuition.


Ballet [AGES 6-9] 1 hour class


This class provides formal instruction in classical ballet developing technique at the barre and center floor.  This is a disciplined form of dance and recommended for children at least 6 years old with prior dance experience.


Mix It Up! [AGES 8-12] 1 hour class


Dancers have the opportunity to learn jazz, lyric, contemporary, musical theater and hip hop movement on a rotating schedule throughout the season. Students will dance barefoot for all styles with the exception of hip hop–sneakers required.


Contemporary/Hip Hop [AGES 10+] 45 minute class


A 1.25 hour class that teaches dancers how to tell a story with their movement set to current music and lyrics (participants will dance barefoot). In the second part of class, dancers will wear sneakers and learn various combinations of hip hop movement while gaining self-confidence and enhancing their performance skills. Those enrolled will perform 2 recital routines.


Fresh Kix [AGES 8+] 45 minute class


This ALL BOYS hip-hop class is full energy!  Dancers master the art of musicality and study basic breaking, popping and locking skills. Learn the newest moves with the latest music in these “boys only” classes!

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