Dress Code

We established a dress code to help all students feel equal and to aid teachers in viewing their bodies and alignment.


  • With exception to our “Watch Us Grow” classes, absolutely no underwear should be worn under dance attire.

  • Bulky clothing will not be allowed over leotards and tights.  In the winter months, tight fitting dance sweaters, dance knitwear, or leg warmers are acceptable and should be kept in your child’s dance bag.

  • Hair must be worn securely tied back off the face.  Long braids and ponytails must be pinned up off the neck.  Headbands and hair accessories that tend to not stay in place should not be worn.  A tight “bun” is required for all female students in ballet classes.

  • Jewelry is not allowed in dance class, so we ask that you simply leave it at home.  We are not responsible for misplaced articles.

  • Feet should be fully covered when wearing tap and ballet shoes.  We recommend using a convertible or footed pair of tights that provide full coverage of the foot in all shoes (*required in all ballet classes).  If wearing stirrup or footless tights, thin white ankle socks should be worn.

  • In jazz, tap, and acro classes we do allow dancers to wear tight fitting two piece dance or athletic outfits (ie. jazz pants, leggings, form fitting tank or tee shirt, booty shorts, sports bra top, biketards, etc.).  In hip hop classes ONLY, looser fitting attire such as sweat pants may be worn.  We never allow street clothes such as jeans or sweaters to be worn in any class.

  • Street shoes that have been worn outside are never allowed on studio floors.

  • Tap, ballet & jazz shoes should never be worn outside.

  • Please be sure your child’s name or initials are written inside of ALL shoes.  The waiting room area can be very busy, and mixups can occur.  We encourage each dancer to carry a dance bag and to keep their belongings neat and orderly.

  • If students take multiple classes in one day—and one of their classes is a ballet class, then the ballet dress code applies for ALL their classes that day.  There is not time between classes to be changing outfits.

  • If you are on a CTSOD Competition Team, you are required to have our team warm-up jacket & pants to wear in cooler weather, and a CTSOD ensemble (tee shirt, tank, shorts, etc.) to wear in the warmer weather.  Studio clothing is sold in both the Fall and Spring.  It is acceptable to continue wearing your CTSOD team apparel from the previous year if it still fits well.


We suggest that all dance shoes be purchased at:

WOW Dancewear

771 Southbridge Street (Outback Plaza on Rt. 12)

(508) 832-7600


Female Dress Code

Male Dress Code


Symphony - BLOCH black Respect. Dancers with tap solos or those interested in improving the quality of sound may choose a more expensive shoe.


Baroque - BLOCH black Respect #SO361 or BLOCH black jazz lace up #S032IL Dancers with tap solos or those interested in improving the quality of sound may choose a more expensive shoe.


Sonata - BLOCH black jazz lace up #SO32IL or So Dance Black Pro Tap #TA-800 or BLOCH black Respect #SO361


Aria - BLOCH tan Techno tap #SO302


Prelude – BLOCH tan Techno tap # SO302