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Children's Dance

Watch Us Grow – [Ages16-34 months] 45 minute class 

This innovative program for the very young introduces girls and boys to the basics of movement with exercises designed to improve motor skills, develop rhythmic abilities and increase flexibility. Students learn to listen and take direction while having fun with songs, rhymes, dance props, rhythm sticks and a parachute. Participating with a parent or caregiver gives these young tots the courage they need to try new things. By midyear many of these children may feel secure enough to enter class and have fun without the aid of an adult.

A Star Is Born – [Ages 3&4] 45 minute class 

Children have fun and develop self-esteem with the basics of song and dance in these combination tap, pre-ballet, pre-jazz classes. Instruction is designed to improve coordination, increase muscle tone and create a sense of teamwork. Obstacle courses, dance props, rhythm sticks and a parachute help develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills in a fun atmosphere.


Showbiz Kids  [Ages 4 ½ – 6]  45 minute class


Fun movement and age appropriate music will engage the bodies and minds of young dancers. Students will increase their dance vocabulary and begin to sharpen their techniques in tap, ballet, and jazz. Singing fun songs, the use of props and games such a “Simon Says” and “Freeze Dance” all add to the fun of dance for this age group. Boys and girls strengthen listening and team building skills at this level.


Super Stars  [Ages 6 – 8] 45 minute class


Dancers are ready to sharpen their skills and concentrate as tap, ballet and jazz techniques increase in difficulty. Students recall and combine challenging steps to accomplish a higher level of difficulty in their combinations and dances. Fun continues to be an important aspect for these young children; listening and coordination games are included in each class.


Fresh Kix 1  [Ages 4-7]  45 minute class


This ALL BOYS hip-hop class is full energy!  Dancers master the art of musicality and study basic breaking, popping and locking skills. Learn the newest moves with the latest music in these “boys only” classes!

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